Our life goals:
1. Pet Dogs
2. Drink Beer
3. Repeat

Mission Statement - To brew good beer and provide an entertaining and communal atmosphere...and have ALL the dogs. Here's to Making America Bark Again!

Legend has it that when the founder, Steve, wanted to start yet another business, his wife, Debbie, said he'd be in the dog house if he did. Sensing a great idea amidst a challenge, he decided to get the family dog, De De, involved as the mascot. That seemed to endear her to the idea and thus the Doghaus Brewery was born!

We love to brew and we love to have great conversations with our guests. Our brewers are bartenders as well and they do everything else involved with the business. So if you have questions about beer we just might be your best resource for answers!

Currently run by a staff of 3, brewing 5 bbl at a time, the hard-working dogs of the Doghaus Brewery invite you down for a flight or pint....or both! And don't forget to fill a growler on the way out!

Remember, if you ever get stuck in the dog house....come on down to the one that has beer on tap!